i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
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2001-08-11 07:20:44 (UTC)


. . . . . . . . . . love sux - and it really does - i can't
think of something that sux worse - honestly - it is the
worst ever - it preteds to be this wonderfull joyus
happenning that will totally change your life in so many
positive ways and you will never want to even think about
not having it in your life - and you have it - and it IS so
unbeliveably great and it does change your life in so many
wonderful exciting positive wyas - but then love waits
until you have your eyes closed and takes a flat head
skrewdriver and stabs you in the eye - and not jsut one
stab and we're done here - love is evil and visious - it
stabs you in teh eye with that flat head skrewdriver and
pushes back into your head breaking through tissues and
membraines and squishing through your brain until it
reaches the back of your skull - and you sit there in pain
helpless becasue love tied you up while you were oblivious
to the world being so unbeliveably happy - love is so evil
that it isn't even done with you yet - it makes you think
it is done but then love gets expentiountally worse love
does things to you that i can't even begin to describe but
when it is through you are left completly emty and utterlly
alone and scared - so scared that you build a nsurmountable
fortress aroud ourself so that there's no love will ever
get at you ever again . . . and after your fear subsides -
which can take an unbeliveably long time the only thing you
can think of that will be able to fill this cavern inside
you created by love is love - and the only thing that is
able to pull you out of the depths of depression is love -
love tricks you into thinking love is the answer but love
sux - and it really does - i can't think of something that
sux worse than love - i hate love