Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-08-11 07:11:22 (UTC)

i meet my other family

well i meet my sister, sisters fiance, grandma, sisters
neighbor, and friends today for the first time. it went so
well.first my dad droped me and my sister jen off at pauls
diner to meet shannon, and her and joe her fiance showed up
there and we hugged and went in, and at that time we where
supposed to come home at 12.and then my sister called and
said we were gonna go somewhere else, so my dad said fine
230.so we left the diner, and joe droped me, jen, and
shannon, off at grandmas house and he went to buy us
beer...and then we talked to grandma for a little, then
went to shannons room and drank some beer, and i had like 3
and then i stole jens when she went to talk to grandma, and
we went to quick check and got food, and grandma gave us
blankets she made, and jen fucked shannons friend jay that
jen didnt even know, and then we got home at 230.and here i
am. well anyways im glad everything went well... im gonna
go now and watch tv. talk to ya later.---happy

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