2001-08-11 06:50:17 (UTC)

The one I want but can't have

Man oh man!!! I really like this guy.I only met him once,
but right then and there I knew I would like him. He seems
like a really nice guy and he is soo freakin hott. He's my
fwens cousin. I'm only gonna be a sophmore in h.s. and he's
gonna be a senior. He already knows that I like him coz my
fwen told him. Now that he knows i'm scared to talk to
him even more. I don't know what to do now? I wish that he and I
could be together. Though I know that I can only dream bout being
with him and at times it makes meeh sad. I've tried to talk
to him, but in the end I just end up not talkin to him.I
don't know wat to do? I ask my fwens for advice and they
all just tell meeh that I should just talk to him coz he
wouldn't mind if I did. But I dunno with him its just
different. I just want him to like meeh. I wonder wat I can
do to get him to like and notice meeh. He means a whole lot
to meeh and no one knows how much. They just know that I
like him, but they don't know that it's more than that. I
think bout him every day and every nite. He's wat helps
meeh get through the day. I've never told n/e one that.
He's even the first guy that i've liked in a long time one
at a time I mean. Wat I mean is that i've liked more than
one guy at a time before, but for some reason ever since I
met him he's the only guy that I like. If only he could
get to know meeh better.