le soleil et la lune
2001-08-11 06:25:50 (UTC)

what a relief

No more tension between me and CJ. Thank
GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, we were good all summer, and
then the first day of school we were fighting already like
we had taken a trip back to the ninth grade or something.

Tonight Amanda, Katie, CJ, Tiffani, Yvon and I went out.
We basically wasted gas driving to the mall b/c it was
almost ready to close. However, it was fun playing a sort
of car tag. It did however get really scary when Amanda,
KT and I were going over that hill, you know, the fun one
that makes your stomach jump? Yeah, well I was hitting it
at around 55 or 60, and we get over the hill and almost
slam right into these 2 old black ladies who were riding in
a burgundy oldsmobile. I thought we were all going to
Anyway, we had fun tonight even though Katie and Amanda had
to leave really early. I think that there is something in
the Pine Hall air that makes the parents there really
strict on curfews or something. Anyway, so we watched this
movie Valentine, which was okay. There was eye candy for
CJ and Yvon. Then we basically chilled, and it was just so
NICE. I mean, even with CJ humping everyone, and sticking
his swamp ass on me, and us all playing with David's balls
(which I think I left at Tiff's again), I really had a good
time. It was really funny b/c I caught Yvon right in the
middle of a lie tonight, and I called her out on it. She
was telling them a different story than she told me about
how she found Beth. It was GREAT!!!! It was so nice to
hang out with CJ and not have any kind of anger floating
between the 2 of us. I hope it will stay that way. I
think that whatever we had between us that pissed us off is
now resolved in some weird way, and we probably have Katie
to thank for it.