Trials and Tribulations of me

the trials and tribulations of me
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2001-08-11 06:15:23 (UTC)

am i ever not confued?

doug called me today. after he got home from work. i
havent talked to him on the phone forever, and he really
did sound happy too hear my voice. so me and karie and him
went out and drove around, and i think we were having
little conversations to eachother while having normal
conversations with all of us. it was kinda weird. i wish
i could get over him. i asked him if he was excited about
laura coming home and he said "hell ya" and then he told me
too call him tomarrow, and that he got off a 6, so
whatever. i just want to get over him and not get hurt
anymore. so thats what im going too do. he obviously
wants laura and wants to be friends with me. so thats the
way its going to be, i dont want to fight for him, and i
think being his friend is much better then nothing. so i
guess my mind is made up for me.