2001-01-28 21:49:17 (UTC)

Dear Diary, I started..

Dear Diary,
I started thinking about Corey, again, i gotta
get over him! But like Fraya said, I cant help who i love.
Guess what! Moms letting my go out today/tonght! thank god,
even though im grounded, guess why? because i ditched and
got caught, with stephanie, ugh! Shes acting weird (whatta
suprise) I mean, she said "today was my last day, they
kicked me out" yet that day she tried out for softball.
Shes weird. Anyway, thats about it! Bye!
luv ya

oh, i just found out, my friend i was supposed to go out with, bailed
on me! :'(! im not too sad, but im bummed! i want to get away from my
mom! damn! well, if anyone wants to email me, my address is:
[email protected] (if u have aol u can im me too!) bye!