Adam Wheeler

the book of rage
2002-11-03 17:12:37 (UTC)


Dear Mom
I miss you.... I have so much to fill you in on. the
past few weeks I've been seeing a guy named Nate he is a
sweet heart I think you would approve of him he's funny,
he's gental, he makes me feel spetial, he makes me feel
wonderfull. we can talk about evrything and nothing all
at the same time. I feel so much when I'm around him it's
so odd for me to really want to spend time with someone to
want to know their fears to want to konw their
dreams....just wanting to hold them.... I spend the night
at his house and I find my self watching him sleep....I
konw I know I'm being human and haveing emotions....and it
drives me.... he didn't call me yesterday and I was of all people upset that a boy didn't call me
bah oh how the mighty have fallen.... could it be I really
care about him could it be that cold heartless bitch that
is me has taken a break and is gonna let someone in... bah
I hate feeling this way I'm not in control of things....
he looks at me and makes me feel like I the only person in
the world..... the only one that matters......ok well I
have to go I miss you and I love you