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2001-08-11 05:08:07 (UTC)

Early August 11th......

Well, I just got back from being out and about. I went to a
lil get together with Travis. Travis is this boy who likes
me. Ummm....as far as me liking him in return....uhhh, i'm
not really sure about it. He carries himself in a very good
way and all, but I don't really know. If I were to talk to
him, then it would be because of free time or whatever. It
could change though. The thing about him that I don't like
though is that he won't say anything about liking me, but
he'll talk about it with his friends. It's a mess. But in
the back of mind, I know that if he were to tell me that he
liked me, then that would push me away. I just like being
around him because he is ready for anything. I like that he
wants to get up and go somewhere. Well, the day is very
young and I'll write more later....*J*