lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-11-03 16:11:34 (UTC)

why l.a. sucks

ok, i love so cal to death, but traffic is from satan. no
matter where you're trying to go around here, you run
into ridiculous amounts of traffic. raaarrr. it took us
almost 3 hours to get to knott's last night, and less than
an hour to get back. whatever.

last night i went to knott's halloween haunt thing with
mal, adam, becca, samneric (haha!), and these two
guys named jared and alex. everybody was pretty tight
and it was really fun. we went in a ton of haunted
houses and i screamed like crazy...and then jared told
"shag carpet man" (one of the monsters who was just
this brown shaggy animal...gross) to attack us when
we came out of the he freaking waited
around the corner at the end and jumped out and
followed us. pretty darn scary.

the only actual ride we went on was supreme scream,
cuz we went to a bunch of haunted houses and to 3
different shows...which were all disgusting...the kind of
jokes i'd love to repeat, but a lightning bolt would
probably come hit me as soon as the words left my

a little after 12, we left and went to denny's...but
somehow we didn't get to denny's until about 1, and
then we didn't eat until was awesome cuz mal
& becca were getting grumpy at the waitress & adam &
jared were telling really lame jokes & the rest of us
were falling asleep...ahh yeah.

but anyway, the night was pretty good. i got home by
3:15 and went straight to bed...but i couldn't sleep.
haha i started thinking about freaky people popping out
of the windows and walls and every noise was scaring i tried focusing on something else but i ended
up just thinking about a certain guy...even after that, it
was hard to sleep, but at least i had good dreams :-)