a little taste of me
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2001-08-11 04:47:23 (UTC)

the world hates me

i finally figured it out! the world hates me. its like nobody cares about my feelings.

this world is a crock of shit! for real and for truely!

why is it i cant see jesse?? is god against me too?? does anyone care about how much i miss him. i want him in my life again. it hurts to feel like this. me and charlie broke up for good. it was for the best. i guess me and him would never make it if we tried. i pray everynight that jesse will knock on my door and just say hey erika. how are u? i have missed u so much. will u take me back again? all i can say is yes yes yes! nothing helps no matter what i do. i have this sublime feeling it feels like a myterious fantasy that weighs over me all the time. i keep thinking about me and him in bed laying next to each other holding on to one another. repeating the words i love u to each other. we spent on night holding each other. making sweet passionate love to each other. he made me feel wanted and loved. but are relationship ended. but no matter what it still washes over me. it kinda hovers me like a storm cloud just waiting to bust loose but it never does what it is supposed to do. i trying finding someone else but it does not work but i got to go. this is upsetting me