Meshed Up
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2002-11-03 13:54:45 (UTC)


okay. these are the times when you feel like a complete
sorry ass loser.

you are a loser when you leave messages in groups and
nobody even bothers to reply to it. like..for example. SHE
leaves a message. then I leave a message. then HE leaves a
message. and then! when people reply, they reply to both
SHE and HE but not to me! this is bloody annoying.

sheesh i sound so pathetic. but that's how i feel anyway.
and no i'm not jealous. i'm just...annoyed. guess i'm just
some bug that you can brush away without even noticing.

heh heh. now i remember why i dislike my high school
batchmates (aside from close friends). or maybe this could
be why i dislike society in general. they do not notice
people who do not try to be noticed.

actually i'm just being pathetic and bitchy and annoying.
so i shall try to stop. but wtf? it's fun to be bitchy.
especially when you're bitching about people you don't like.


ME: i didn't eat chicken for two to three years because i
had to kill a chicken during my second year in high

TINA: what?! what kind of satanic prep school for girls did
you go to?!

ME: on the contrary, i went to jubilee CHRISTIAN academy.
not satanic, but just as heartless.

TINA: of course. christian is spelled as s-a-t-a-n-i-c


well it might be true that my beloved alma mater is
somewhat satanic. because, first of all, the students suck.
the teachers suck (except for sir menguin and a few other
good teachers), and the administration sucks.

it's satanic in a sense that it's bad! and it sucks!

gah. i can't believe it's 1am already and i haven't even
gone to bed yet. okay. gotta sleep.

current music : loser - three doors down
current mood : amused and annoyed

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