Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-08-11 04:43:17 (UTC)

7 Months

Seven Months today ... august 10, 2001. I cannot believe we
have gone seven months now. It is truely amazing. What can
I say. Who would have thought. Okay well ...... I have to
make up for two days once again. *******To update you on my
last entry ....... I went back to read it and I wasn't in
my right mind when I wrote all that. I mean at the point I
did mean it but now it is all like changed. You kno like a
mood swing. But I truely feel really bad for that. I mean
this is the first time I ever got my anger out like that.
And you kno it did make me feel better but now ... now it
just gives me a different feeling.******* ANYWAYS .....
Thursday was originally planned to go to the movies with
Michelle and Daria. But that got cancelled because my dad
wanted to go somewhere. So that is moved to Saturday.
Hopefully. I didnt talk to Chris at all on Thursday except
for "can I talk to your sister" and he said yea and that
was it. Later at night I was talkin to Daria on line and
she introduced me to some wierdo guy. But it is all good
cus he is fun to talk to. I kept getting a bunch of IM's as
well from people I dont kno but what can I say. Friday,
which is today DUH, I went to the movies with Chris, Daria,
and their mom. We saw Rush Hour 2. I like that movie. I've
seen it twice now ... but I didnt have the heart to tell
Chris ... I feel really bad about that though. Anywho ...
when the movie was over Chris's mom dropped him and me off
at my house. That is where we fondled with each other. LOL
yea right. With my dad in the house. Hahahahahahahaha!!!
No! We played chess and went on the computer and watched a
bit of T.v and joked around. Then I walked him home (all
the way) to pick up a gift that he got me in Puerto Rico.
It is this pretty Hummingbird. I love it. We got there and
I started laughing at him because there was nobody home and
he didnt have the key. He ended up finding a way in
anyways. Dont kno how ... maybe he did have a key. I wasn't
paying attention. Well I was there for about 5 minutes. He
wanted me to hangout there a bit but I didnt tell my dad I
was leaving. I didnt have to cus he really didnt care but
then again it was already 8:30. Now that I think about it I
should have stayed a bit because once I walked in my dad
pissed me off. GRRRRR. O well.... that is where I end up
here. In my Diary. Which reminds me. Chris is leaving again
:o( He is going on this thing for ROTC. And he is leaving
on Monday. He is goin to be gone the whole week and will be
back Friday afternoon. But if I am leaving in the morning I
am leaving on Friday and I will be gone for 8 days. Added
to his 5 will be 13 days that we wont see each other. So
that is really only MAYBE 4 days that I see him between the
time that he came back and left again. :o( I lived through
11 days. But he said he will be the one to die through 13
days. (He actually admitted that I am stronger then him
when it comes to not seeing each other) When in reality we
go through the same "pain". I just can handle it better. O
well ........ what can I say ....... for now ....... till
later .............................

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