2002-11-03 12:11:36 (UTC)

Quilting Room

Gavin came home for the weekend and we'll need to bring him
back to Corvallis tomorrow morning. Both Gavin and Owen
are coming next week-end. I have haircuts scheduled.
Everyone needs their own place and I now have mine. My
quilting room. The closet shelves are floor to ceiling and
contain boxes of my fabrics, patterns, kits and some
books. There are two old dressers one painted green and
the other white with quilt tops, quilt blocks, vintage
fabrics, one of yarn (the rest is in closets), knitting
patterns and needles and two drawers filled with
supplies for doll making. I have several framed posters
and two boxes of special buttons on the wall and my sewing
machine sits out all the time on my desk.

I've added things which make me happy--my late brother's
teddy bear, a doll with wings of sage leaves, a bookcase
with jars of my buttons and beads, an antique sewing stand
which also had belonged to my late brother which I
use as a table to hold baskets of different items and my
new hoop on a stand which tilts and turns in any direction
I wish. There is a Ott floor lamp for quilting, a regular
floor lamp for light and a magnifying light on my desk.
What a delight to finally have a room of my own!

I think I'll go work on a quilt now.