One hell of a life
2002-11-03 07:24:43 (UTC)

11-3-02 entry eleven

My feet are cold...i hate cold weather...
well yesterday I was out at carrefour and starbucks with
lois and this guy stepped out of his car and handed us a
card..."zmodel" another modelling agency wtf!? This is one
weird week. Anyway he said to give his company a call,
cause they need a half-half (im half-half) and a westerner
and they were doing a shoot for some clothes in the middle
of November.

So my mom called them this morning...and she said they
sound pretty good so we're going to go over to the company
today cause its right near our place.

The only annoying thing is...what lois said. not to be mean,
no offense, she is my best friend, but i made her promise
not to tell aNYONE about it...and the first thing when she
got home in the morning was tell zander, apparantly.

I logged onto msn and he was like, "Hey, i heard about the
modelling". Apparently she sent him an email telling
him "Two guys asked us to model in ONE weekend". i mean,
she doesnt have to tell anyone about it...i told her cause
we should be not let it go to our heads. But
then again, Zander does exaggerate like hell.

no biggie. Who cares. Well anyway..enough of this model
talk...ughhh school tomorrow...