Life Sux Then You Die
2001-08-11 04:03:18 (UTC)

Day: 35 (sigh)

Signing in, Its me, yep got that right, its the geek of
forever street, the magnifical super duper dorky Nicole!

"Prepare for trouble, make that double, To protect the
world from devostation, to unite all people within our
nation, to announce the evils of truth and love, to extend
our reach to the stars above, Jesse, James, Team Rocket
blasts off at the speed of light, Surrender now or prepare
to fight, Meowth thats right!"

See how dorky i am? i memorized the whole team rocket
speech...sadness. arnt i a geek...thats not a
question...thats me telling ya the truth. *sings* im proud
to be a yankee, where at least i know i am clean** yea goes
both way buddy...clean as in showering, and clean as in
drug free. I am so fucking bored. guess what i noticed. i
started cussing freely without saying woops just this
summer. thats sad...I am turning 17 in october and i just
started cussing freely. well..not around my parents, they
allow it at like 18. wanna know whats weird. my parents let
me watch rated R movies when i was 5. there are kids out
there that NEVER seen a rated r movie. its like, what the
fuck you smoking? thats sad really...after i turn 21..i
wanna try...a white russian, a manhattan, and a martini(dry
dude gotta be dry). maybe a margarita too...not all those
drinks the same once in mom drinks
vodka, last time i saw her drink alcohol was my aunts 21st
bday...she 24 now... hummmmmm*sighs* i am bored... i am
writing this on a piece of paper with my blue pen, on my
clipboard. sitting on my bed, fan going, music off, and ben
lamp on. still light outside, 7:46pm...*sigh* i need to
clean my room...*gets up and looks out window, bringing
clipboard with her* from my window...i can see...woods, a
street, a house, and my driveway....*sits back down* my
room is above the garage. right above...ok...i am
bored...admn...have to do dishes...brb..nevermind...we had
pizza only 4 plates *sigh* when i enter this on
the comp i will be talking to ben..maybe bobb...probably my
great aunt pat, umm...and other people chubby ....