Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-11 03:52:20 (UTC)

the countdown continues!

Yeah, so another day has gone past, and that just leaves me
with a whole bunch of numbers that have slowly decreased,
but yet risen in meaning! There are so many countdowns, I
am starting to hate numbers! I got this really nice card
for matt, for when he leaves.

It says:
(front) You know how you used to put puzzles
together and SOMETIMES you'd discover that there was a
piece MISSING? And you couldn't enjoy the PICTURE because
there was this hole in it, and you just kept looking at
that EMPTY place and wishing you could find the missing
PIECE so that the whole picture would be COMPLETE?
(inside) That's what it's going to be like WITHOUT

Isnt that so cute? I liked it! Okay well I am tired, so i
will write more later

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