2001-08-11 03:48:48 (UTC)

let me borrow a joint

tomaro me and audrey and victor and brian are gonna go out
on our little double date. i hope to all things, that that
night, or tomaro night, goes all well. and all fine. and
all good times. i havent seen or hung out with audrey in
the longest so my fun/crazy energy level is gonna be off
the roof.

and maybe that will bring up some attitudes during the
night. and brian is riot already , and so is victor, so
this night, shall be fun.

i dont know if we are gonna be drinking, but i dont feel
like gettin pissed faced drunk around brian, its just, i
feel like, this night is problay gonna happen once in a
LONG time. we are goin to spend all day together, and all
night, and all morning, and all afternoon, and then im
gonna go home, and then hes gonna come over later on that
night. [to my house] so its like, a good like, 2 days spent
with my love. cant wait.

ive been thiking a lot about my 'v' thing, and i dont want
to lose it now, i will one day, but its not gonna be tomaro
night. =)

i want to thank terra, my best friend in the world [after
mallory of course] im going to take her advice cus she
knows what shes talking about the most. mostly because shes
pregnant, and no one but me knows. and i dont know what i
would do with myself if that were to happen with me. its
already a struggle talking to her and reassuring her and
such , and im not even the one thats pregnant. i just cant
imagine what she has to go thourgh when im not there to
comfort her. pray for her. xoxo. out.