On a more personal note...
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2002-11-03 06:06:40 (UTC)

Another Day Past, Another Day Older...

Today I find myself feeling rather bland. Not very
exciteable and not grumpy. I found myself floating
through most of the day. I find this happening more often
than not. There are days when I simply find myself going
through the motions and not feeling anything throughout
the day. It is strange, and I can't help but feel that I
am missing something in my daydream state.

Today I also find myself feeling a little bit of self
pity. Not typically a state in which I find myself, but
today I stopped for a minute to ponder a question. Well
Ian, what have you got to show for a semester's worth of
college. When I stopped to think about it, it occured to
me, nothing. Friends, not really, but numerous
aquantences, grades, well, they're ok, accomplishments,
none to speak of. I have committed much of my time to the
numerous plays that I am involved in. I feel like I need
to do things, after these plays come to conclusion, to
meet people. I think I need to meet more people like me.
Strange, but not ashamed, but proud of it. I think that
is why I like Yuri and Jeff, they both march to the beat
of their own drummer, and they don't care if other people
find it a little strange.

Maybe its time to grow up, as hokey as that sounds, it's
true. I'm finding that the boy I was in high school does
not fit in here in college. It is time to become a man.
I hope that the way I find myself feeling over the past
month or two is the metamorphasis, my changing in attitude
and soon I will find myself changed, comfortable in my new
surroundings. I guess this is all I have to say today.
I'm off to bed to stew in my confusion.