Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-11-03 05:36:25 (UTC)

He Loves Me..He Loves Me Not

Now, i know that matt doesnt love me. I just wish that he'd
get it through his head that what he does affects me. I
dont know what I did this time, but he was supposed to call
me at 3 and it's now 11:32...He's quite a bit late. He had
his cell turned off and then when he had it on, he wouldnt
answer it. 'm just so bummed. I just want to talk to him
and see what's going on. I dont want to keep being
disappointed because if i am, i cant be in this
relationship any longer. I dont want to break up with him
in the least bit, but I dont want to be lied to. Tonight I
talked to Eric and he said the at first Matt was at James's
house and then he went to David' I know he wasnt
cheating on me, I knew that from the beginning. I just wish
he would have called to tell me that he was going to hang
out with them and not me. It wouldn't have bothered me
then. I just don't want something bad to come of this. But
anyway, I guess I'll stop. Bye bye

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