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2001-08-11 03:35:57 (UTC)

my interesting day

today i had to get up to do chores. my mom wants me to get
to know jack better cuz he always runs away from me and i
don't like that. my mom, bros and me met my dad at the new
golden corral thingy for lunch at like 1:00. it was really
good & cheap. they have a ton of food. if you haven't been
there, you should go cuz it's really good. we went school
shopping for the rest of the day. we got home in time to do
chores at like 9:00. it was a really long day, but it was
fun. i got some new boots. they look really cool with my
orange pants. tomorrow i think that i hafta go to the
strongest man competition thingy. woohoo-yay. i don't really
wanna go, but my bros & mom do, so i don't really have a
choice. i think i should go to bed now cuz i'm really tired,
but i don't wanna cuz it doesn't sound like fun. ya know how
that is? i'm really startin to get depressed now cuz school
is gonna start in a couple weeks and i really don't wanna go
back. oh well, it's somethin that i gotta do so i gotta make
the best of it right? i'm gonna go to bed now. cuz i'm out
of things to say.
chelle, i'm sorry that i didn't call you today like i said
that i would. i wasn't home hardly at all. i'll try callin
tomorrow, if my mom will let me. i hope so.

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