Journey to Something
2002-11-03 05:32:38 (UTC)

Saturday, November 2, 2002

this week was interesting to say the least.

danielle and i put on snow shit so we could go out trick-or-
treating thursday night, and got down to bunker hill store
avoiding people's houses that we knew, and ran into ailish
in the car. we got a lift from her into town, but if
anybody knew, we'd be in deep shit. we met up with a bunch
of kids downtown, but we started a manhunt at about 730,
looking for shayne, because we knew he was in town. we
finally ran into him, patrick, ben, and kris, at about
810. it was really weird. they were avoiding us, and
shayne kept staring at me the entire time danielle and i
were standing with them. the look wasn't evil, but it made
me uncomfortable.

friday night danie came over here, we went to see sweet
home alabama, and she slept over. i hated the movie and
she loved it. a classic love story, but with a happy-sad-
happy-sad-happy-sad-happy-sad-happy storyline. this
morning we spent the majority of our time trying to find
shayne over the phone and finally found him at dan's dad's
house. my god, he was being an asshole on the phone.
anyway, danie's dad picked us up from my house at 12:15 and
brought us to danie's and then downtown to meet holly and
casey. we were with them until 3, and my parents picked us
up at 330 to go shopping. we brought danielle home at 930.

i don't want to say he's changed, because everybody needs
time on their own to grow, but something's not right. the
puzzle doesn't fit. maybe you could call it an identity
crisis. who the hell knows? but the puzzle to himself
has missing pieces that are covered in dust lost under the
couch, and he's the only one who can't see them. everybody
else at "home" can.

he hasn't yet figured out where his home is.