2002-11-03 04:30:51 (UTC)

writing papers

I'm attempting to write these papers for music management
class but don't know where to begin. I have all the
information, but my brain just doesn't want to connect the
two. As well I'm not sure how I will possibly write 2 pages
on blanket licenses. I supposed I can go into the specifics
on the UHa campus. But where will I find that information?
Should I email Irene? Would she even know? I guess she
should know. I also have to do 2 current events. Not too
excited about that either. Those are annoying and a pain in
the neck. Then I have to work on a shared project with
Sara - a marketing plan for Hartt Beat Records. We've
already done part of it, but there is still much more to
do. Then I need to work on my music. I stupidly worked on
the wrong piece for my voice lesson. Now I have to practice
twice as much to get the notes and rhythms down. Also, I
need to practice ear training intervals Hardcore! If I
don't do well on that final, then I am screwed. I also need
to finish filling out an application for OTC (orientation).
Then I need to declare my minor in entrpreneurship ( i
can't spell it right ). Then I need to finish my laudry,
develop my film, register for spring, buy an Anniversary
gift for my parents, find a job for next semester, hope
that Hartt Beat Records is succesful,and on top of all of
that maintain my relationship with Brent. I'm so affraid
that my busy life is going to mess things up with him. I
hope that he is understanding about it all. I like to work
hard all the time. I enjoy being busy and being involved in
lots of organizations. It's interesting to meet people that
way and to interact, to network, to learn. Yes, I said
it... to learn. I like learning. I find it fun. I am a
nerd. He likes playing nintendo and laying in bed and
smoking pot and drinking tea and watching movies. I'm cool
with all those things (minus the pot). Plus we both love
the outdoors. Nature is beautiful and fun to both of us. We
like going to Mount Talcott and wondering off the trails.
We like occasionally staying in and watching a movie. We
like laying in bad holding each other and talking about our
relationship. He is my best friend with benefits. I look at
him and see somethings that others cannot. I see his
potential to be something great. His deep thought patterns
that few really understand. His excitment in the small
adventures of life that can only be surpassed by a 6 year
old. I love that he occasionally pretends to be a ninja
when he is with Seth. I love that we joke around while
laying in bed together. I love the way he kisses me. I
makes me feel wonderful when he picks flowers for me. He
sees that it isn't necessary to buy things for me all the
time. That the simple pleasures, such as wild flowers, can
brighten my day more so than expensive jewelry. *sigh* He
is great.