Locked Inside my Book
2001-08-11 03:17:46 (UTC)

A really really queer entry!

I'm back again. RIght now i am watching Free Willy. I'm
gonna let u in a big, dark, deep secret of my past! As i
was growing up......


I was in love with the guy and I loved his music. Now i
just like his music. i miss the old days when he came out
with good songs and shit. It brought so much peace into my
life. lol. I love the song he did for free willy. that's
the only reason why i am watching this movie. lol. Other
songs that i like by him are thriller, smooth criminal,
billie jean, heal the world, and more and more.

ok i'm a dork. but what's good about this diary is that i
can delete this entry once everyone finds out how retarded
i am!