My Journey to Motherhood and Life
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2001-08-11 03:10:49 (UTC)

planet of the apes

So we saw Planet of the Apes tonight at the theatre. I was
a good movie.I am getting where I can watch a movie and
enjoy it and not just keep an eye on the time or think it
is just a way to pass time until I die. I have kind of
gotten over that panic over death that I had for the past
year. I have just resolved to make the most of the time I
have here. It must have been some mortality crisis.
My dad and mom are definitley going to the state fair with
us tommorrow. I hope they can keep from having an explosion
while we are there. Just get a divorce already!
If you don't like each other after 35 years, there is
probably no hope.
Of course my dad is always trying to get me to talk to my
17 year old brother and set him straight. He stays out all
night and they act like there is nothing they can do. They
of course think he is a major dope head, but I don't know
about that. I stayed out late lots of times just to hang
out with my friends. I hate spineless parents.By the way, I
am not the parent, so I can't give a lot of advice.