Inside Me
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2002-11-03 03:54:35 (UTC)

Decided to write again

Well, things have been going on since I last wrote always
the black and white and grey scale of course. Tonight I
was able to hang out with a friend that I went to school
with. We were going to go shopping, but then she had to
change plans when she got home, so we decided just to hang
at jenny's house. At first she was quiet, and a little
uncertain but then bam, joined right in, and it was all
sweet. We were all playing games, and laughing. You know
those candy necklaces, dude I got the stupid string stuck
in my tooth, and I told jenny, and jacob heard they were
laughing at me, and everyone else started stairing at me,
and I'm like come on, can't I suck on a piece of candy
which made it worse, but then finally without anyone
noticing I got it un stuck. Ha! Only me right? Anyways
actually, before we got there, Rosanna got to my house, nd
she checked out my place up stairs, liked it a lot too.
Then we had time to pass so we went to the mall for like
30 min's, and then went to jenny's. We kept driving around
in circles looking for somewhere to park, that was
interesting. After everything was over there, Rosanna and
I were walking to her car, and there were like these punk
guys like 3 of them outside we passed, and I'm like, pick
up the pace and lets hurry, so we did just that. Then I"m
like hey, do you want to head home yet, she like, not
really, so we decided to walk around walmart for awhile
just chatting, I like her better, she's not acting like
she was the last time I hung out with her, so thats pretty
kwel. Even though I didn't relaly get to go shopping I had
a pretty kwel night. I had on an almost kinda tight blue
shirt, and then some nice jeans, and my mudd hat on
backwards, ha! Hey, I was in the mood. Rosanna and I might
do something next week, but I better end here. I"ll write
again later. Sweet dreams