My problems.
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2002-11-03 03:28:47 (UTC)

For Vickie....

Yeah ummm....Last night I was pretty depressed so I
drank some. Wait, I take that back, I drank a lot.
Everything was just so dumb last night. I drank my
problems away. I drank some rum.... some vodka....
some tequila... and some wine.... It's really not a good
thing to drink your problems away cause guess what,
they are gonna be there the next day. I drank about 1/4
of each bottle... Each bottle is this much,...

Rum = 1.75 liters
Vodka = 750ml
Wine = 1.5 Liters
Tequila = 375 ml

Do the math and you'll see how much I drank. Vickie
wanted me to write about Alcohol so I did. I mean it
gets your mind off of shit but I really can't remember
anything I did last night after I started to drink. I had a
conversation w/ Emily that I cannot remember... So
yeah................... All in all alcohol is good.... but then it's