Allys Life
2001-08-11 02:39:33 (UTC)

Grade School- daddys princess

Well, gradeskewl.. all I have to say, is that was the glory
I was always involed, teachers knew me for me. My mom did
work there, so there was transition time that would need to
come later.. but it was ok.. I guess.
I was in many many activities.. eighth grade year explains
it all
When I was in eigth grade I was envolved in so many things
Captain of the Volleyball Team Presidant of Student Council
Senoir Choir Solar Sprint Math League Bell Choir Its
Acedemic,Science Fair and many other things
Throughout grade skewl I was envolved in all the above, plus
varsity softball by 6th grade, science olympiad and others
Eighth Grade year with solar sprint I won design and got
moved to the naionals up in Massachusettes, we went and
raced there and had a great time.
Also, that was the year that I got first place on Science
Fair, moved to the regionals At a college in delaware, then
won second and moved to the nationals in Philly. We had a
great time with that also.
As you can see grade school was my most envolved schooling
so far. IT was at this point I was "daddys little girl"
"crazy baby" "daddys princess"
that was soon to change in highschool.
I guess I could say it started when we had to pick a