Allys Life
2001-08-11 02:31:02 (UTC)


Ok, well I guess I can start with a background check.
Basically my life sucked from before I was born.
My parents were never actually together, my mom told my dad
she was a little older then she actually was, and wah la,
here I am. When mother dearest was knocked up with me, what
was the sulotion everyone wanted... abortion. Well of
course, thats everyone on mothers side, on daddys side,
everyone was willing to take care of me and love me.
Thank god they wanted me, if not, I would be an embryo in
the trash can.. I guess some people would like it like that
Well, ne way. I was born, and As you can probubly tell above
I went to live with my dad, he of course lived with his
mom,wasnt "with " anybody, and worked to support me.. none
of that for my mother dearest.
When I was a baby, my daddy and "mommom sweetheart' where
the ones there for me. Also, my whole dads family. The only
ones from the beginning who wanted me on my moms side, was
the greatgrandparents, and they probubly only wanted me
cayse of how old fasioned they are. NE ways.
My "mother" was an irresponsible parent, who is one of the
people who you know just should not be a parent.
When I was a baby, I was crying once, and my mother dint
like it, so she took a curling iron to my hand, the scar is
still there. Also, I would come home only wearing half my
clothes, all dirty, and stuff. One time, I got bit by her
drunken husbands moms dog, she didnt clean it, wrapped it
up, waited two days and sent me home. Needless to say I had
to go the hospital when the responsible side saw it.
My dad married my "mommy" (not my birth mother, but the
person who is truly my mom) when I was about 5 or 6. they
have been together ever since I can remember.
Family Sides:
Well, my dads side loves me, and I love them. Yes we have
some family issues, as do all families right? BUT for the
most part, everyone excepts everyone else, and as for dads
mistake, its not taken out on me.
My mothers side hates me. No matter how well I am doing,
someone can always top it. I know it might not sound like a
big thing, but every christmas, well normally sometime in
January my mothers family gathers for a christmas dinner and
gift opening thing. MY brothers pile has always been huge,
as have all the other piles. except mine. There have been
times I have only had 2 presants to open, whats everyone
else have.. 10-15 presants. My grandfather hates me to.
Likewise, thats all I have to say. His children are wild and
irresponsible, and think they are the shits of the world,
well I got news for you, they arent. Hes one of those people
that know matter what you do, he makes you feel stupid. And
hes always favored my brother. If it were up to him, he
would close me out from the family.
well thats a lil background, there is alot more, but that
for now will do. Everything else basically supports the fact
that my moms family is a crock of shit and my dads loves me
forever no matter what.