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2002-11-03 01:12:58 (UTC)

November 2, 2002 4:34PM (Saturday)

I called my mom's work at the cafe and got my sister
Angela. She told me that my uncle Albert found out my dad
and his girlfriend were having an affair. My uncle Albert
and his girlfriend have three kid's together too. We call
her Aunt Kristie. When I used to live with my dad I kind of
had a feeling that they were having an affair but I was
mostly in denial. I think that I hoped they weren't, that
what everyone was saying about my aunt Kristie and my dad
wasn't true. Well, I guess my uncle Albert found out and so
did my uncle Charlie. My uncle Albert kicked Kristie out
and she went over to my dad's to stay with him. My dad
wouldn't let her in so she threw a soda bottle at his
window and he called the cops. She went to jail. When I
used to live with my dad I knew they did crystal meth
together. I even did it with my dad. I didn't know it would
ever get this bad though. My sister said that my dad lost
most of his fatness and has long hair. She also said that
he is getting evicted. The person he rents from is Paul.
Him and my dad used to be really good christian friends.
He's given my dad so many chances, tons and tons of
chances. My dad keeps screwing him over though. I just
don't understand. My dad is supposed to be the christian.
He's the one that prayed for me to get saved and preached
to me about christianity and here he is doing drugs,
gambling, and treating our family like shit. I feel so bad
for my uncle Albert, I mean, my dad fucked him over real
bad. These things that my dad is doing are so wrong. I
can't believe he could treat people like this. So much for
him being a christian. There is a lot of things that he's
done to me that I am having trouble forgiving him for too.
I will pray though because I don't want to hold all this
stuff all of my life. It's not good for my health. Anyways,
so I guess my Aunt Sharon is sick, but her and my mom are
getting along now. That's good. I forgive my aunt Sharon
for anyway she's hurt me in the past. I think she forgives
me too for things I've done to her. I really do hope that
her life straightens out and ends up being all she's ever
wanted it to be. Most of all, I hope she finds God. I hope
my whole family will. I hope that tonight when I go to
listen to Keith Hudson speak again, I hope that God touches
my life. I know that if God just touches and changes my
heart and my life then that would spill over on to my
family. It would only be a matter of time until my family
would come to they're senses and see that things can be
better. My sister, April, is moving to Paradise Bay Club,
the apartment complex that she works at. Her boyfriend,
Kevin, is going to Illinoise to try to get in to the
military. I guess they're two kid's are going with him to
stay with his mom in Illinoise. My sister is going to
continue to work and save money. I, on the other hand, am
moving with Elizabeth. I just talked to her mom earlier
today and she said it would be ok. I'm going to stay in
Elizabeth's room with her and still go to school. Hopefully
Nancy (a friend I met in church when I first moved to Las
Vegas) will let me borrow $30 so that I will be able to get
a $30 unlimited bus pass. I have to take the bus to school
and to work. So, I'm hoping everything will work out. I'm
just not too sure. I hate the feeling of uncertainty. One
thing I can say though is that God is here for me. I feel
like I'm struggling but I can still see God's hand working
in my life. Whenever He speaks to me, it's always
encouraging. He's always telling me, in my heart, about how
much He loves me, and if I want to let Him, He will work
out all of my problems for me. So, tonight, I will let you,
help me to give it all to you, Father. Amen.
That's my prayer. I'll be in later.