Reality Bites
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2002-11-03 00:27:58 (UTC)


Hey, it's been months since I wrote last...things have
been, well...typical. Alyssa and I are hanging out more,
Mia and I aren't at all-she's changed in so many ways I
can't get into it now. So I have I though. I'm incredibly
so much more comfortable around people I never was before.
All the people I used to be so worried about impressing I'm
my complete and normal self around and I dont really give a
shit what they think, and it worked backwards. They love me
now lol. Wierd how life works huh?

Luke and I? Well, it depends on the day. I love him, and Im
in love with him-that never changes. We fight alot, but I
think it's because we love eachother so much. We're both so
afraid of trusting and loosing. He got himself into some
deep shit yesterday night that's put a hinderance on our
relationship---being he's grounded for a very long long
time. I'm not giving up on him though, he fucked up-yes. I
do all the time and he never gives up on me. It's killing
me that I'm basically cut off from him for God knows how
long....I'm going to go b/c Jen, Kylie, Lauren, Cara,
Jessica, and Samantha are here to take me out, they promise
it will help me feel better. I hope it does.~ang

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