2001-08-11 01:29:45 (UTC)

3rd Aug.10 7:10pm Everything going rather smothly

seem to have gootten allot don all the down loads fron
note pad got finally entered into favorits well if they
work will be another story, we will check into that at a
later date we will have more time to go into as a schedule
gets worked on and all the verifications come in then I
will be finished and ready to get down to it. where now is
more like just setting things up to get organized,just to
see if this is continued.I don't know what will happen
after this month is over anything will be possible.Only
had a few infractions today where things just colidide and
of course not necessary to my advantage as usual with the
usual names that go along with what I am suppose to be my
personality,whay ever that is. whatever they think.that is
fine with me I often find there is no point in saying the
oppisite they only become firmer in their
point. It is easier to let them believe what they think
It's often like dealing with a dead horse. no point.After
all you have made your mistakes with them and their is no
way you will live it down and some how it is usually
brought up it some manner.. Go with the flow that is my moto
and take another pill to get over it....It will soon be
over and pass . It is just a short spurt nothing to even
think of or bother with...Things are great. I really have
things good I go and do what I want and forget that It even