Al P.S. Tacos Rule
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2002-11-02 22:19:12 (UTC)


I cant believe i started an online diary lol, well im too
lazy to write tho. I did start one before... but i emailed
them for my password and never gave it to me. So their
fuckfaces lol. anyway, Fuck writing, its gay!!!!!!! Anywho,
hi im al... lol riiight. Im not really sure what to write
about. my friend, danielle, she made me this punk CD, and
im listening to it... uhhhhh, yeah gay? lol jk, actually
its pretty good. I forgot the bands... i know one of them
is "the starting line"... L33T! all ii've been doing is
playing UO and warcraft III. which blows btw, so dont buy
it if you dont have it.... ever... man jess hasnt come online in
about forever, today she did but we talked for like 3.5 second. I
miss her, Shes going to nevada or
something. lol. i cant wait til test comes
up on UO so i can kill people to take out my frustration
lol. AHHHHHHHHH I MISS HER i cant stop thinking about her,
damnit damnit damnit... :( im saaaaaaaaaad. i cant wait til
i get a car and my own place. ill just drive to cali,
man why does jess have to
go out so much, lol grrrrr lol! nah she really doenst. but i want her
to have no life like me lol jk, but yeah right we cant all be losers
like me! I wanna be mad at her but i cant. first off she didnt do
anything wrong and secondly I mean, who can stay mad at jess???
My point exactly, i rest my case!

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