Queen Bee

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2002-11-02 21:46:57 (UTC)


not really sure if there is anyone out there who actually
reads my journal, except for maybe that weird ass
satanspawn guy but im not even quite sure if he reads it
anymore, but if there is anyone out there who has been
wondering about me, well a lot of shit has happened since
my birthday, i moved in with my fiance and were doing fine
and me and raven talk occasionally which to most people is
very odd since we were inseperable but there was a lot of
shit that went down, a lot of rumors and bull shit lies
that some asshole decided to say, she did somethings that i
didnt like and i did some things she didnt like but we
talked it out and now were friends again, we dont see each
other everyday but we talk almost everyday and i did see
her on tuesday it think not quite sure but only for a few
minutes and thats the first time i have seen her in months
and it was great even if it was only for a few mintues. and
me and red, well some shit happened between us too and we
werent friends for a while but we talked some of it out and
although my fiance hates the fact that were talking again
were trying to reestablish some of that friendship we had
and so are me and raven, although i havent talked to red in
a while but thats okay. so thats what i have been up to and
no i havent died or vanished off the face of the earth
although sometimes i wish i had vanished but no i have just
been busy if anyone cares. so i must leave now, goodbye and
type ya soon.

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