Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-02 19:44:14 (UTC)


Ok I am the idiot that didn't realize this thing did post
both my messages so now I look like a complete idiot. Well,
anywho today is much better than yesterday....I have helped
my father take some stuff to the dump and the goodwill and
then I cooked lunch on the grill(hotdogs) But yeah last
night was great I was supposed to be either at a football
game or at a concert but instead I will with my friend
Jessica at Tortillas my favorite resturant. Which was good!
and then we went to Borders at which I talked to Kelly
(booking agent / friend / soon to be roomate)and she told
me she just gave our Cd to the lead singer of The Hives.
Which is awesome...and then we went and saw that new Adam
Sandler movie Punch Drunk Love. And it was awesome tope 10
movies at least. Then we went to Starbucks and I got a
white chocolate mocha(my fav) and then took her to her car.
Then I drove hom listening to Beck's new Album Sea Change
which is maybe top 10 for me too. But yeah and tonight I am
going to Jon Sheats house to play video games and watch
movies and I think we are going to another halloween party.
So yeah I guess thats it but I had such a good night and
day today I thought it was appropriate to write and tell
people. Well, Anywho have a great day......