Confessions of the Harry Potter Obsessed
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2002-11-02 19:40:12 (UTC)


To begin, you should know that I am abnormally obsessed
with Harry Potter. I have a fan fic, and you should also
know that the merchandise for Harry Potter is EVIL! EVIL I

You should also know that I'm clinically insane. :)

I'm sitting here, typing this, waiting for my friend Kait
to call me. I'm waiting because I called her, and because
she needs to tell me if she wants to come see the next HP
movie w/ me on Nov. 15 because I'm trying to get tickets
bought online on Fandango.com. i want to do it soon--real
soon. the tickets won't last long, lemme tell ya. but i'm
not really sure i want to invite kait. see, she's being a
pretty big @$$-hole lately not to mention a b!tch (excuse
my french), and me and megan are pretty [email protected] mad at her
right now. megan, i don't know. i do know that kait dissed
her mom, who, btw, is the COOOLEST parent i kno, and megan
blew up at kait. i'm pissed at kait bcuz she's tryin 2
figure out who 'Fish' is bcuz i have a crush on this guy,
his real name is Hunter, but i call him Fish. megan is the
only person in the entire world that knows this. well, kait
called meg, pretended to be me, and she sounded like me so
meg thought it WAS me, and so she almost said fish's real
name (hunter) but she realized that it was kait b4 she did
so i was saved. kait has the biggest mouth in the history
of the world, honestly. so really, i don't kno Y i'm
inviting kait bcuz i'm so pissed at her. i think i'm crazy.


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