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2002-11-02 19:15:57 (UTC)

a turn for the worst

this week has been a turning point twords the good and
first the good parts. last night i got to see jackass
the movie which was funnier than hell. two, i get to go
paintballin this weekend with casey and danny and some
other peoples, and no u can't come unless u ask. three, i
have good grades.... except for english and spainish. four,
i found out that at 100yds i can hit the center of a target
with an ar-15. five, halloween was real fun. and six, well
there is no six.
ok now for the bad part. one my dad is becoming anoying.
two, my sister is a pain in the ass. three, im broke.
four,is spanish class. five is english. six, is work. i
mean i have no saturdays because i have to work from four
till midnight which means im wasted the next day ( i warned
u casey lol). seven, i have no one to love. what i mean is
that i don't have a girlfriend. i mean every one around me
does but i don't and that pisses me off. i guess its
because i try to damn hard. i mean iwanted lauren sabolik
as a girlfriend. i waited till she dumped her boyfriend and
i tryed to be good frineds with her so she could be mine.
but no, adam bellflower took her wich pissed me off so
much. hell i wanted to kill him. but not now. not anymore.
now im tryin to make friends with him. then there's nikki
glazer. i think she's cool but she hates me. o well. i
guess i have to keep tryin harder. and last but not least is
my paintball gun. it's a flyin piece of crap. i hate it. it
shoots slow, its not even accuret, and it chops balls like
its goin out of style.
well thats how my weeks been bout urs??? well
thats all for now. give me a call 238-3119~ later

nik 11/sumtin/02

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