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2002-11-02 18:59:45 (UTC)

November 2, 2002 10:17AM (Saturday)

Me and Elizabeth went to the library and got hooked on this
video game at So I didn't get a chance to
post anymore. Basically, to make a long story short, my
family is pretty screwed up at this time in our lives.
So... on a lighter note... I took Ricky and Elizabeth to
church last night. It was youth group last night so most of
the people were youths. It was kewl. Keith Hudson prayed
over people and God healed hearts. Ricky didn't get in to
it much, he actually fell asleep. He's been in to
witchcraft and still is. I know that Johnny talked to him
and Elizabeth but I'm not sure if he will want to come
tonight. Acutually, I asked him and he said no. Elizabeth
wants to come though. These are the things I felt like God
was speaking to my heart last night (Friday Night):

"I'm reaching out to you and for you, all you have to do is
reach out for me and to me."

"I'm knocking on the door of your heart, let me in, and I
will fix those circumstances in your life which seem so
impossible to you."

"Nothing is impossible for me, and therefore nothing is
impossible for you when you are with me."

These are some of the notes I took on the words that Keith
Hudson spoke:

"If your going to do anything, you need quality time with

"Our days are numbered!"

"Quit looking at signs and start looking at sounds."

"The degree of annointing you will operate in is based on
the degree of humility your willing to walk in."

"Find a place to seek the Lord." (A secluded place) (Keith
goes up to his favorite mountain for example.)

"Nothing can compare with just you and God."

"Just allow God to do what he wants to do."

"God wants us to be whole."

"God wants us to be able to enjoy him 24/7."

"There is an open door for us to walk in to the inner
court, in this place you can't find the words to express,
and then your heart begins to talk."

"Intimacy" !In-To-Me-See!

"God loves us in the pit and He loves us in the palace."

"There are some stony places in our hearts."

"The church is not an in-and-out burger place."

"The Holy Ghost wants to speak to us."

"This generation carries the same call Noah had on his
generation. The last call!"

"God is speaking to everyone, we need to learn how to

"I'm walking in the light!"

"The Lord hears His people."

"The Lord is concerned with those things that we are
concerned with."

"Home is where God's presence is."

Prophecy from Pastor Jose: "The sails were let down and
we're leaving the harbor. We'll know our destination on the
2nd day. On the 3rd day we'll reach our destination."

That was just the first day that Keith Hudson, the
evangelist, was here. He's going to be here tonight and
tomarrow. I hope he stays longer though. Anyways, I'm
locked out of the house because I lost my key and my
sister's not home. She said she won't give me another key.
Now you know why she gets on my nerves. She has no heart.