in deep sh*t
2001-08-10 23:37:34 (UTC)

entry 4

I forgot exactly when it was that he told me his real age
but I remember he was wearing black swimming trunks and he
looked so good. Then he comes up to me..I was over there at
his house...it was him and his sister that lived there.
After his parentts died his sister took care of him
althought she wasn't that much older than he was. Maybe by
4 years or so. And he told me once they died in an accident
when he was really young. He was very sad about that and
sometimes it made him mad. He would be gone for a bit and I
would see his knuckles bruised. They were what a family was
supposed to be I guess. I really wish that my parents had
died instead of his because mine were despicable. But
nothing in this life is fair at all.

I wish so much that he could be happy...but he is most of
the time.

I'll write more later...people are being mean to me right