good times, good times
2001-08-10 23:35:31 (UTC)

did i not tell yall?!?

i told ya kevin liked me!! he kissed me before i went home.
he could get in trouble for that too, bein manager and all,
but i really doubt doug will find out...

and now, hahahahahahahahahaha! i cant quit laughing! it's
times like this i am so so glad i have this thing, cuz
something happened to me today that i cant' tell anybody,
cuz it's just too mortifying for the person involved if it
got out! someone, who's name i won't mention, (but just a
hint to anyone who actually reads my diary, his name has
been mentioned numerous times before,)well anyway, he talked
to me on instant messenger earlier. he's always bein dirty
with me so of course he asked me what i was wearing blah
blah blah, and he wanted to know bout thong or not thong as
always, so i said thong. he knew my aunt and uncle are out
of town, so he said he was coming over and i better answer
the door in just my underware. so i was like ok, cuz i like
just wearing underware anyway, and since noones home why
not? and if he did actually show up it would be funny cuz he
wouldn't be expecting me to do it. well, he did show up.
after talking for a minute, cuz i think he's shy about this
stuff or something, we finally start making out. all we did
was kiss, and he went up my shirt, (and trust me ya'll i
have nothing whatsoever to get excited about in my shirt. i
dont' play. they're pathetic). i never even touched him
below the waist, and if my body did, there wasn't any
humping whatsoever. well after about five minutes he quits
and he's all breathing hard and everything. i didn't think
anything of it till he gets up and says well, i'm gonna go
over to brett's now. so i was thinking ok, i now officially
have to kill myself because i cant' even keep a guys
attention for more than 5 minutes, but i looked down, and he
had a spot on his pants!!! i kid you not! i cant' believe he
came in like 5 minutes, and all i did was kiss him and wear
a thong!! too funny. i'm gonna be livin on that one for