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2002-11-02 15:56:03 (UTC)

News and Updates

Wow. *deep breath* Okay, I have news.

Chris is moving to Orlando. Yeah. Caught me off guard too.
Whadda' think? I'm excited. Very excited. He's moving
because he got downsized and needed to leave DC. And he
didn't want to go home. Now, the answer to your question
is no. What question is that you wonder? It's if he is
moving here for me. Nope. And that's a good thing. He
needs to run his own life, as I need to run mine. But I
will be living with my best friend. And that's what
matters. It's going to be fast though. He needs to move at
the end of this month. So I need a better job by then. One
that pays more. Cause I'll be needing rent money. And food
and so on. We shall see, won't we.

But it'll be hella cool.