would the world stop spinning
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2002-11-02 15:52:51 (UTC)

some of my poetry

fill my syringe, you
flowing in my veins
make my heart race, i
am floating on something that
doesn't really exist, we
could never find the place
the dreams are made, you
become reality
in a world that isnt real, i
fill my syringe
so i can dream, we
were once real

you walk through the weeds of my mind
and over the broken glass my toung lies down for you
i'm naked to you now
unbenounced to me... i'm dieing inside
i lie awake at night
woundering if you bleed too
i would walk over a mile of broken glas
for one more kiss
i'm dieing inside for you
i wish i could cover myself now
hide away in shame
for telling you the truth
the world could drownd
with a single tear from your eye
i wish i could walk through the gardens of you mind
just to see what lies on the other side
so cover me now
with your warm breath
and i would bleed on broken glass
as we walk through it all