My Life.............
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2002-11-02 14:41:52 (UTC)

ok, im admitting it now, its..

ok, im admitting it now, its finally sunk in all the way,
i was USED by Bill, and to think i was starting to feel
sorry for him again!
apparently he is saying stuff about me again, and bobby
wont tell me what it is, he only said "i dont want you to
get a bad reputation", well, i dont know how im going to
get one when i never go anywhere, im always exercising, i
dont go anywhere but the gym and home! but, bill is giving
me a bad reputation by just spreading lies about me, i cant
even go into weiss anymore, everyone down there believes
what comes out of his fat mouth! i dont know what else to
do! ive tried ignoring him but it hasnt worked so far, its
just gotten worse! If i would have known this was going to
happen i would never have slept with him in the first place!
Holly told me the other night that he will look you
straight in the face and lie to you about anything, i
believe that now..
I told Bobby lastnight that i dont want to hear about bill
anymore, its driving me nuts! whatever lies hes spreading i
dont want to hear about them anymore, im finally done, hes
a loser, and im going to forget all about him!