Meshed Up
2002-11-02 13:58:37 (UTC)


it has already been a week and my family's flying back

it seems that another war is about to begin in my country.
the communist party has been listed by bush and the
european union as a 'terrorist group' and this has
completely angered the head of the rebel group. he has
vowed for even more armed aggression.

the listing of the communist party as a 'terrorist group'
has boosted the military's morale. and they too have vowed
to give the rebel group a 'decisive blow' which might
supposedly lead to successful negotiations. how that's
going to happen, i truly have no idea.

it's a crazy world baby. everything's just going down the
drain. everything's getting all turned up and over.

well god did say the world is going to be a hell hole
before his second coming. mom just said that she believes
we are living in the time when the rapture will happen and
the tribulation will begin. i don't know how true that
is...but if the rapture does happen right this very moment,
i won't be very surprised.

i best head off to sleep i suppose. good night...i mean,
good morning to everyone. a new day embraces our mindless