would the world stop spinning
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2002-11-02 13:20:24 (UTC)

a day like any other

funny how things in life change so drasticly in such a
short time. strange.
everyone in the world gets a close up look at my life if
they wish. sorry to bore everyone..i'm just not that
exciting,but it's a bit easier for me this way.
i'll use this to post everything from my extreamly not
exciting daily events to my poetry.
i guess i should start by telling about myself...
right now i'm 21 years old,my birthday is may 26th.
yeah i suck..i'm a gemini.
i am going to a small college called sinclair for two
majors actually,photography and communications.
i'm from middletown,ohio.
a few of my favorite things?
well lets see....
poetry,photography,candy,the color green,girls,kittys,music
favorite band/singer?
sleater-kinney,tori amos,human wait project,emm gryer,ani
difranco,imogen heap,incubus,system of a down,cibbo matto,
bikini kill,L7,7yr bitch, the quails,Le Tigre(or getting
there)amanda goast,bjork,p.j. harvey, the lost profits,lots
of emo, lots of 80's stuff and much much more!
things that aren't my favorites?
well let me think...
homophobic people
bad drives
people trying to beat a religon into me
most country and rap music

more about my life?
i'm absolutely completely in love with this girl, her name
is aften and well we have a very...confuseing relationship
but i think i'd wait my whole life for her if that ment i
could spend my very last day with her.we used to be together
but i'm a complete idiot and ruined that.i think that i
found out last night that she was with her ex the whole
time we were together tho,that would crush me to bit if it
ends up being true. i would probably hopelessly love her to
my dieing day anyway,but i wont know untill later today i
it's like 8:30 am and i haven't slept a wink cuz i'm up
thinking about this.maybe i should try to go sleep now cuz
you can't really tell someone what your thinking if your so
tired you can't think anyway.
well enjoy..more to come

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