Locked Inside my Book
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2001-08-10 22:11:06 (UTC)

Sweet Dreams are made of these!

well i've been listening to Marilyn Manson all day long. My
favorite cd by him is Smells Like Children. I saw him at
Ozzfest a couple of days ago. He was awesome. I had such a
great time at Ozzfest.

Anyways, i'm going crazy now that i'm back at home. i hate
it. My mom just can't see how much i hate it here. I don't
want to live with her. I want to live with my cousin b/c i
am so comfortable there and i'm actually doing stuff
instead of being trapped in this house. My mom never does
anything. She never even works and my step dad doesn't work
often either which is really annoying b/c i hate having
them always around. My step dad has been really moody
lately and it's because his brother is really really ill
with cancer but i just don't want to be around it. and my
mom is so boring and is constantly bitching about something
like i'm selfish and shit. She's a really bad
procrastinater too and she's not even busy so have the shit
she won't do is not any bother to her. For an example...
i've been telling her for months that i need braces so i
can get them done and over with but all i get is an " i
know". she treats me like such a baby too. I'm almost 17.
I'm rotting away living here with them. when i'm with my
aunt and cousin, i can go to the beach and have fun but she
just gets mad that i'm unhappy coming home. she's
impossible. i know i'm gonna end up killing myself by the
time next summer comes. i might as well start digging my
own grave right now.