One hell of a life
2002-11-02 09:59:05 (UTC)

11-2-02 entry ten

Omfg this w/e has been eventful...and it's not even over!
So on Friday after school I rushed to Hua Ting with Lois,
where my mom was waiting. I got a new jacket which flatters
my body shape, a simple scarf and a new black top...and
then this guy stopped my mom and started talking to her. He
wanted us to go to a meeting the next day to be models.

We took his card and checked out the site later..then I
went to Lane Crawford to get my hair permed. I'm in love
with it. Afterwards we had dinner at Gino Cafe, and went
home. The next day (today) we went to the company place at
1:00, and they took digital pics of me, and then checked
out my teeth, hair, profile, etc. They said it was good and
then we scheduled an appointment for Monday evening to meet
again, at 6:30. I'm so excited.
Lois is too, I guess it's an experience to
says maybe she'll put up the 300 US dollars to put my pic
up for agencies to choose.

That's it for now. We're going to Macers for dinner.