Daily Rants
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2002-11-02 08:58:45 (UTC)

Crystal Ball, etc.

So my marathon night of studying/working didn't go to well.
Stupid library closed at 8, computer labs at 9. So I broke
down and went to Crystal Ball. (I did something social
twice in one day! Go me!)

The dance was much fun. Some of our group got a little bit
rowdy with the chains and whips.. ahem, Patty and Julia!
But all in all, it was a great time had by all. I went as
the "orgo fairy" - basically a tank top, shorts, lots of
glitter and Organic Chemistry structures/reactions written
up and down my arms... (Who says science majors can't be

But just so you know I haven't lost my true K-ness, I did
come home and start reading this evil 23 page psych
article. (Who really gives a care about justice vs. moral

So DEFINITELY no more social time for Kat this weekend,
save for entertaining Kyle (visitor from home) when he
stops by on Sunday... any suggestions on where to go?