Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-11-02 08:32:39 (UTC)

Well how shitty can you feel.

Well yesterday sucked. today was alright except for the
fact that i wanted to see my girfreind really bad i wanted
to give her a hug and try to fx how i guess i been screwing
up. but that didn't happen. i sat outside for 4hrs and
waited then we all decide to go to a pooll hall and shoot
some pool. that was fun but all i been thinking about is
her. and i am so sad right now. i want to fucking break
down. bu ti have noone to break down on . yeah so i don't
know exactly how i screwed up . she was supposed to call me
but i was forgotten. but at least she was happy. thats all
that counts right. correct me if i am i don't have
a clue about what is going on i get this feeling today that
she didn't wat to see me. She basiclay classified me as a
lier in her journal. but that is ok i sure i deserve
everything i get. do you ever fee like the worsst persom
ever? well i defintely feel like them today. you know i
usauly would react to this diffrent way bt i am trying not
to it usauly ends up bad. I really care about lindsey and i
want this to work. but i just don't know how to fx what i
can't see. and i don't want to give like the usual. i don't
know and i have noone to talk to. But i guess i have me.
alot lot of good i am. welp here comes the first tear fr

Tears are falling
tears are falling down my chin
i don't even know how long its been
my eyes watering my face wet
i have no clue what to do yet
this girl i care for thanks i don't
if she only knew,then she won't
i have n clue what is in her head
right now i wish i were dead.
thughts os suicide in my mind
wait that is stupid i just am blind
what she does to give this pain
blood leaking from my heart
she thinks i lied from the start
i have no way to make her see
that she makes me full of glee
tears are falling down
tears are falling down my chin
i hate this feeling i am in.
in times my heart wants to bleed
but then in time it mends my need
the pain i bring hurts more than the pain i recieve
Used to say i never greive
but once again
tears are fallin sown my chin.

yeah that proably sounds gay but it is how i feel and

Lindsey please don't get mad at this entry i needed to
express this. and i trying not to be mean. typing this was
the only option i had.