Pointless Dribble
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2002-11-02 08:10:40 (UTC)


Strange that he said he was going to be busy at his
grandmothers house all day today...because I found out that
him and her was together tonight. He just another stupid
lier. He think he can juggle us both. Ha...I will get the
last laugh on that one. She will find out about us. She
will know everything that was said and done. Fuck this.
No "little" boy makes me cry. I will win. I will make sure
he cries as much as he has made me cry in the last two
nights. He has only seen the happy go lucky me, he hasnt
seen the vengful me. O but he will. He is going to end up
alone. I have my ways of making even people that should
hate me like me. Two can play this game...and I just
accepted the challenge. Im done crying, now its time to
get even!
Lot of Love (somewhere)

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