2001-08-10 21:12:42 (UTC)

August 10th......MAN.....

WHY IS BHS SOOOOOOOOO BORING? I don't understand why it is
so darn boring at my school. We have crunk people for days.
I guess it's because a lot of us don't get along with each
other. Today, we got the voting sheet for SENIOR
Superlatives. I don't know why they are doing it so early
this year, but I'm not too excited about the whole thing
like I thought I would be. I hate the fact that people are
going around and asking to be put down for something. That
is soooo gross. I don't know why it is, but it is. Like, I
wouldn't mind getting best dressed or most flirtious or
something, but I'm not going to go around and ask people to
put me down for it. It really doesn't make much sense.
ANYWAY, Nicole told me that Travis still likes me. Aw, how
sweet. I mean, Travis is the type of dude that I could hang
out with all day and all nite, but that's pretty much it. I
like him, but I couldn't commit to him. I'm still thinking
about trying to talk to Antonio. I'm not worried about it
right now though. It will happen when it needs to. YA KNOW!
But anyway, I need to find another job. I can't stand some
of the people I work with. I don't get how some people are.
Well, I'm babbling on about nothing...I need to go to work
soon...maybe I'll write more later....*J*